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Correlation of aligned 454-reads to the Capsicum annuum Reference Transcriptome (CaRT) between different runs derived from the symptomatic leaf cDNA library. The best fitting linear correlations for each pair-wise comparison was calculated (p < 2.2e-16): run1 vs. run2 (r2 = 0.9657), run1 vs. run3 (r2 = 0.9644), run1 vs. run4 (r2 = 0.9705), run2 vs. run 3 (r2 = 0.9658), run2 vs. run5 (r2 = 0.9667), run3 vs. run5 (r2 = 0.9663). Low quality was observed on run4 and therefore it was discarded from the downstream analysis (data not shown).

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Góngora-Castillo et al. Virology Journal 2012 9:295   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-9-295