Figure 1.

SGHPL-4 cells express CXCL12 and HCMV infection induces perinuclear sequestration of CXCL12 in SGHPL-4 cells. SGHPL-4 cells demonstrated positive staining for CXCL12 and mock-infected cells displayed diffuse staining for CXCL12 (A). SGHPL-4 cells were seeded on chamber slides and serum starved for 24 hours. They were infected with either laboratory (Towne and Toledo) or clinical (TRpM1a) isolates of HCMV for 24 hours, and then fixed and stained for CXCL12. In contrast, Towne (B), Toledo (C), and TRpMIA (D) were able to induce perinuclear sequestration of CXCL12. UV-inactivated Towne-GFP (E) was unable to induce chemokine sequestration. No significant background staining was seen in cells stained with secondary antibody and DAPI alone (F).

Warner et al. Virology Journal 2012 9:255   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-9-255
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