Figure 5.

The cells were killed via apoptosis. A and C. The ECV304-KDR-CDglyTK, ECV304, HepG2-KDR-CDglyTK, and HepG2 cells were infected with Ad-KDR-CDglyTK at a MOI of 100 and treated with GCV (5 μg/ml) and/or 5-FC (100 μg/ml) for 6 days. Apoptosis was analyzed by Annexin V-FITC staining and flow cytometry analysis. B and D. ECV304 and HepG2 cells infected with Ad-KDR-CDglyTK at a MOI 100 in the presence or absence of o GCV (5 μg/ml) and/or 5-FC (100 μg/ml). Apoptosis was analyzed by TUNEL assays.

Jia et al. Virology Journal 2011 8:74   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-8-74
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