Figure 5.

IFN-γ ELISPOT responses to the RT CD8 peptide. Groups of BALB/c mice were intramuscularly vaccinated with the indicated DNA vaccine doses on day 0 and day 28. Two groups of mice that were inoculated with 10 μg of DNA were subsequently boosted intramuscularly with MVA (SAAVI MVA-C, 104 pfu) on day 56. A separate group of mice was vaccinated with pTH (10 μg) minus insert on day 0 and day 28 then boosted with MVA (104 pfu) on day 56. For all groups spleens were harvested 12 days after the last vaccination and splenocytes used in an IFN-γ ELISPOT assay with the RT CD8 peptide. Responses for mice vaccinated with a DNA dose of 100 μg or 10 μg are the mean sfu/106 splenocytes ± standard deviation (SD) for n = 5 or n = 3 experiments. * p < 0.01; **p < 0.05.

Tanzer et al. Virology Journal 2011 8:51   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-8-51
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