Figure 2.

(A, B) Reaction of T4 transgenic plants (hp) to TMV (A) or CMV (B) infection at three-month after virus inoculation. Wild-type Nicotiana tabacum (cv. Yunyan 87) plants inoculated with buffer (wt-) or with TMV or CMV (wt+) were used as controls. (C, D) Accumulation levels of TMV (C) or CMV (D) in T4 transgenic plants. The 5-6 leaves stage T4 transgenic plants were mechanically inoculated with TMV or CMV and new emergent leaves were collected at 25 days after inoculation for ELISA. The absorbance value represents the mean value obtained from three independent ELISA assays. Plants were considered as virus infected when the corresponding absorbance values measured at 405 nm were more than two times as compared to mean absorbance values from the healthy plants. I, inoculated leaves; N, new growth leaves. wt-, wild type plant inoculated with buffer; wt+, wild type plant inoculated with TMV or CMV.

Hu et al. Virology Journal 2011 8:41   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-8-41
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