Figure 1.

Genome map of roseophage RDJLΦ1. Bacteriophage ΦJL001 [NC_006938] was shown for reference. Generally, only ORFs of significant BLAST hit (E ≤ 0.001) were shown. ORFs were depicted by leftward (below the gay line for RDJLΦ1) or rightward (above the grey line for RDJLΦ1) oriented arrows indicating the direction of transcription. Homologues between RDJLΦ1 and ΦJL001 were indicated by grey shadows. Three functional modules were highlighted by blue, pink and purple background. The genome sequence of RDJLΦ1 was deposited in GenBank with accession number [HM151342].

Huang et al. Virology Journal 2011 8:124   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-8-124
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