Figure 2.

Light microscopy analysis of HEK-293T/17 cells transfected with LASV gene constructs. Representative fields of untransfected or vector control transfected (A), LASV NP or GPC (B), or Z, Z+GPC, Z+NP, Z+GPC+NP (C) transfected HEK-293T/17 cells at 72 hours photographed in 6-well plates at 400X magnification are shown. Control or single gene transfected cells retain fibroblastic shape in undisturbed monolayers (A and B). By contrast, any combination of LASV gene constructs that include the Z matrix protein result in loss of fibroblastic cell shape, with pronounced rounding and detachment from the Poly-D-Lysine coated plastic surface, resulting in significant disturbance in the monolayer (C).

Branco et al. Virology Journal 2010 7:279   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-7-279
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