Figure 4.

Consensus binding site of EBNA1 at the Chromosome 11 cluster. A) MEME and Web Logo analysis of motifs identified in the EBNA1 ChIP-Seq peaks. Chr11.1 represents the motif found in the chromosome 11 cluster, while other Motifs (2-5) were scattered throughout the genome. B) EMSA analysis of 32 P labeled probes containing the EBNA1 peak sites in EBV FR (lanes 1-2), Chr 11.1 (lanes 3-4), Motif 2 (lanes 5-6), Motif 3 (lanes 7-8), Motif 4 (lanes 9-10), Motif 5 (lanes 11-12), CDC7 (lanes 13-14), MAP3K7IP2 (lanes 15-16), HDAC3 (lanes 17-18), or control EBV ZRE1/2 (lanes 19-20) with (+) or without (-) EBNA1 DBD proteins. Arrow indicates bound form of EBNA1. C) Most frequently observed consensus motif derived from 903 cellular binding sites using a 20 bp window. D) Most frequent consensus observed in chromosome 11 repeat using a 20 bp window. E) Most frequent motif overlapping EBNA1 binding sites using a 10 bp window.

Lu et al. Virology Journal 2010 7:262   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-7-262
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