Figure 4.

Sensitivity of model predictions to different inputs. Effects of passage volume on (a) production of virus, and (b) production of interference equivalents (IE). Trajectory plots for (c) virus and IE production for 20- and 150-microliter passages, and (d) virus and IE production for 40-microliter passages. Predicted effects of cell level on (e) virus production and (f) IE production using the experimentally observed cell levels (solid lines), and constant cell number of 2 × 106 cell/passage (dashed lines). Effect of initial IE concentration on (g) virus production and (h) IE production. (i) Conditions for curing of infection for virus (filled circles) and IE (open circles); here the value of parameter q was set to zero and the simulation was implemented for fixed-volume passages with 50 microliters. Simulation input values for passage 1 were 1 × 109 PFU/ml, 400 IE/ml, 2 × 106 cell/passage, and 2-microliter passaged volumes from total culture well (2 ml), unless otherwise noted.

Thompson and Yin Virology Journal 2010 7:257   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-7-257
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