Figure 1.

HDAC4 associates with vector DNA in an integrase-dependent manner. (A) ChIP analysis of infected HeLa cells. To establish if HDAC4 associates with vector DNA, HeLa cells were infected with the HIV-1-based vector at an m.o.i. of 0.1 and ChIP was performed with the anti-HDAC4 antibody as described in "Experimental Procedures", followed by real-time PCR to detect vector DNA. Numbers (x-axis) indicate hours post-infection. Bkgd - background, no antibody added. (B) HDAC2 and HDAC6 association with vector DNA. Lysates of cells infected as described above (Fig. 1A) were immunoprecipitated with antibodies against HDAC2 and HDAC6, as indicated. Terminology as above, * indicates samples from A. (C) Effect of an integrase inhibitor on the association of HDAC4 with vector DNA. Cells were infected as in A, except the integrase inhibitor 118-D-24 was added to samples at the indicated concentrations, together with the vector. Cells were processed as in A.

Smith et al. Virology Journal 2010 7:237   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-7-237
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