Figure 5.

Major influenced canonical pathways of MPV-infected MK2 cells. Relevant pathways are shown at 3 (A) and 7 (B) hpi. The primary Y-axis shows the -log (P-value) of the probability for genes in data set to associate with identified pathway by chance. A threshold P-value of 0.05 or a -log (P) = 1.3 is presented in dotted line. The ratio of the number of genes from the data set that map to given pathway divided by the total number of genes that map to the canonical pathway is shown in solid line. All enlisted pathways met ratios ≥ 0.1 in at least one of the two time points (secondary Y-axis).

Alkhalil et al. Virology Journal 2010 7:173   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-7-173
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