Figure 2.

A. Predicted RNA secondary structure of first 143 bp of 5' UTR of klassevirus using pknotsRG from Bielefeld University. B. Predicted RNA secondary structure of first 120 bp of 5' UTR of Aichi virus using pknotsRG. The first 100 bp of Aichi virus, bovine kobuvirus, and porcine kobuvirus 5' UTRs are very conserved and have been shown to be critical for viral replication and encapsidation. C. RNAse protection experiment to show divergent klassevirus 5' UTR is contiguous. A 920-bp radiolabeled probe consisting of 760 bp of human kobuvirus 2 5' UTR flanked on each side by 80 bp of bacterial vector sequence was hybridized to stool total RNA, (-)-stranded kobuvirus, or nonsensical yeast tRNA, and digested by RNAse A/T1.

Greninger et al. Virology Journal 2009 6:82   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-6-82
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