Figure 2.

Secondary structure of the PV1(M) 5'NTR. This genomic region has been divided into six domains (I to VI) [197], of which domain I constitutes the cloverleaf and the remaining domains (II to VI) comprise the IRES. Spacer sequences without complex secondary structure exist between the cloverleaf and the IRES (nt 89–123) and between the IRES and the initiation codon (nt 620–742). Mutations in the 5'NTR of the Sabin PV type 1, 2, and 3 vaccine strains localizing to nucleotides 480 (A to G) [94], 481 (A to G) [129], and 472 (C to U) [194], respectively, each denoted by a star, confer attenuation in the CNS and deficient replication in neuroblastoma cells [106, 107] as well as reduced viral RNA translation efficiency [184-186].

De Jesus Virology Journal 2007 4:70   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-4-70
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