Figure 5.

Plaques formed by influenza viruses in MDCK cells under 1.2% Avicel RC-581 overlay. Top row, from left to right: viruses isolated from humans A/Memphis/14/96-M (H1N1), A/Hong Kong/1/68 (H3N2), A/Hessen/1/03 (H3N2) and A/Thailand/KAN-1/04 (H5N1). Bottom row, from left to right: avian viruses A/Duck/Alberta/119/98, A/Duck/Minnesota/1525/81 (H5N1), A/Chicken/Indonesia/1/05 (H5N1) and A/Chicken/Germany/R28/03 (H7N7). Immuno-staining with either True Blue (blue) or AEC (red).

Matrosovich et al. Virology Journal 2006 3:63   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-3-63
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