Figure 1.

Phylogenetic analysis of the nucleotide sequences of the ORF59/60 junctional region from various rhadinoviruses. Sequences of the PCR products obtained using CODEHOP PCR primers from the rhadinoviruses MneRV2 (M. nemestrina), MfaRV2 (M. fascicularis), PcyRV2 (Papio cynocephalus) and RFHVMn (M. nemestrina) were aligned with the corresponding published sequences for KSHV (homo sapiens; U93872, bp 96678–97514), RRV (M. mulatta; AF083501, bp 92374–93205), and HVS (squirrel monkey, HSGEND, bp 81608–82613) using ClustalW. Phylogenetic analysis was performed using the DNA maximum likelihood procedure from Phylip. The division of New and Old World primate hosts is indicated. The RV1 and RV2 lineages of the Old World primate rhadinoviruses are shown. Novel viruses identified with the RV2 QPCR assay are underlined.

Bruce et al. Virology Journal 2005 2:2   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-2-2
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