Figure 1.

Schematic representation of EV71 genome (A). Partial VP2-VP3, partial 2C and partial 3D regions used for phylogenetic analysis are indicated by black bars. Phylogenetic trees of partial VP2-VP3, 2C and 3D regions of EV71 and CVA16 (B-D). The trees were inferred from partial VP2-VP3 (B), partial 2C (C) and partial 3D (D) region data by maximum likelihood (ML) method, with bootstrap values calculated from 1000 trees. Sequences for 529 nucleotide positions in each partial VP2-VP3 region, 583 nucleotide positions in each partial 2C region and 415 nucleotide positions in each partial 3D region were included in the analysis. Bootstrap values expressed as percentage are shown at the nodes and the scale reflects the number of nucleotide substitutions per site along the branches. Only bootstrap values of >70% are shown. Black circles and squares indicate EV71 isolates of subgenotype C4 (proposed genotype D) and those of subgenotype C2 respectively from Hong Kong in the present study. CVA16 prototype strain G-10 is highlighted in grey.

Yip et al. Virology Journal 2013 10:222   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-10-222
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