Table 5

Top BLASTn and reference hits for intra-host variantsCase
Case Gene Variant nt Location Reference/Accession number Virus
C PA c CY018882 A/green wing teal/Ohio/175/1986(H2N1)
CY080052 A/mallard/Interior Alaska/8BM3519/2008(H12N5)
CY079192 A/mallard/Interior Alaska/8MP0792R1/2008(H12N5)
CY079120 A/northern pintail/Interior Alaska/8BM3582/2008(H3N8)
D PA 1800 CY097775.1 A/mallard/Mississippi/442/2010(H1N1)
CY062007.1 A/New York/7036/2009(H1N1)
CY060749.1 A/Ontario/9739/2009(H1N1)
JN584193.1 A/swine/Quebec/1257774/2010(H3N2)
CY073799.1 A/duck/Malaysia/2001(H9N2)
D HA 844 CY061741.1 A/swine/Hong Kong/2314/2009(H1N2)
Chakrabarti et al. (2009)29 Dk/India/TR-NIV4396/ 08(H5N1)
D PB1 437 - -
D PB1 796 - -
D PB1 1791 - -
D NA 458 HM598359.1 A/Thailand/CU-MV56/2010(H1N1)
Baz et al. (2010)28 A/Brisbane/59/2007-like(H1N1)
D NA 823 HM625654.1 A/Rome/PTV8/2009(H1N1)
HM598322.1 A/Thailand/CU-MV9/2010(H1N1)
CY092411.1 A/Sydney/DD3-48/2010(H1N1)
JF807497.1 A/Chennai/10/2009(H1N1)
CY091665.1 A/Singapore/GP4344/2010(H1N1)

Footnotes: BLASTn results for variant nucleotides were only included if they contained 100% identities. ‘nt’ refers to nucleotide.

Fordyce et al.

Fordyce et al. Virology Journal 2013 10:116   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-10-116

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