Figure 5.

Neutralizing titers to the SF162 Envgp160 and post challenge cellular responses. A) Neutralization of HIVSF162 by serum collected at day 21 and 35 post-vaccination and 14 post-challenge. The pooled sera dilution at which 50% of virus infection is inhibited is displayed on the y-axis. Neutralizing titers for individuals monkeys are listed on the x-axis by each vaccine group. B) INF-γ ELISPOTs were performed using monkey PBMCs collected 14 (left panel) and 21 (right panel) days post-challenge. 1x105 PBMCs were stimulated with 30 ug of Gag peptide pools representing SIVmac239 or Envgp160 pools representing either Con M or SF162p3 (overlapping peptides, 15-mers with11 amino acid overlap NIH AIDS Research and Reference Reagent program Env 211 peptides and Gag 125 peptides). Spot forming units (SFU) per one million PBMCs are listed on the y-axis and the peptide pools are listed on the x-axis.

Eugene et al. Virology Journal 2013 10:102   doi:10.1186/1743-422X-10-102
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